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Tobaccoless Cigarettes

With so much in the news about the terrible health risks associated with smoking tobacco and new laws going into place all over the world to prevent smoking in public, there has to be a way for smokers to get the nicotine they need. Not only do they need a way to get the nicotine their body craves, but it needs to be in a way that does not present the same health risks as tobacco or far fewer risks. Tobaccoless cigarettes have been found to provide the perfect solution.

Unlike a real cigarette that when you combine the burning tobacco and the filter pour hundreds of toxic chemicals into your lungs and the atmosphere, tobaccoless cigarettes contain nothing but water and nicotine. Imagine being able to enjoy the feeling of smoking and getting the nicotine your body craves without having to inhale hundreds of poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals. When you puff on one of these cigarettes, you get nothing more than water vapor and nicotine.

To make things even better, tobaccoless cigarettes come in the same nicotine levels that regular cigarettes come in: ultra-light, light, and full flavor. For those of you who want the pleasure of "smoking" without the nicotine, you can even buy cartridges with no nicotine in them. This system of nicotine levels has also made electronic cigarettes a favorite part of a complete smoking cessation package as it makes it much easier to gradually wean yourself off of the addictive nicotine.

One of the biggest reasons that tobaccoless cigarettes have gained so much popularity in the last couple of years is the number of states that have banned smoking of any kind in public places. This has meant stepping outside in the worst weather imaginable for a smoke for those enjoying a night out at the bar or after a meal at a restaurant. These cigarettes are perfectly legal as they contain no tobacco products whatsoever.

Inside tobaccoless cigarettes is a cartridge that contains enough concentrated nicotine in water to replace an entire pack of twenty tobacco cigarettes. When you stop to think that the average price of a single pack of cigarettes is between $5 and $8 plus tax, they have become very expensive. This adds up to between $50 and $80 per carton. A carton of 25 cartridges from Eluma Cigs is only $25, the cost savings alone is enough to convince most smokers this is the way to go.

At Eluma Cigs you will find a selection of cartridges and tobaccoless cigarettes to help you put down your tobacco products once and for all or at least when you are out in public. They offer flavors such as menthol, Death by Chocolate, Vibrant Vanilla, and Cherry Culmination, as well as traditional tobacco flavor. Whether you are trying to quit smoking and need a little extra help or just want to be able to have a "smoke" at the bar, these e-cigarettes can help you. They are easy to use, look great and can provide the nicotine fix that you need.