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  1. How long does an ELUMA cartridge last and can it be refilled before it needs to be disgarded?

  2. How much liquid does an ELUMA cartridge hold compared to other models on the market?

  3. How many cigarettes is an ELUMA cartridge equivelant to?

  4. How much liquid is equivelant to a pack of cigarettes?

  5. How long does ELUMA stay charged?

  6. What are the ingredients in the smoke liquid?

  7. How big is ELUMA?

  8. Does ELUMA produce smoke?

  9. Who can purchase ELUMA?

  10. Where is ELUMA available for purchase?

  11. How long does it take to recharge ELUMA?

  12. How much Nicotine is in each cartridge?

  13. Can ELUMA be used to as a smoking cessation option?

  14. Is my purchase secure?

  15. How long does an Eluma "atomizer" last?

  16. Are Eluma components compatible with other brands?

  17. What kind of warranty do Eluma products have?

  18. How does the varying Nicotine strengths differ?

  19. What are some of the things I should not do?

  20. What things should I be sure to do?

  21. What's the difference between Cartridges and Cartomizers?