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How it Works

Simply put, Eluma is an electronic vaporizing device. What does it vaporize? A liquid that contains nicotine or no nicotine if you prefer. When the liquid is vaporized it creates a smoke like vapor. This vapor is then inhaled similar to smoke from a cigarette. The main difference is there's no tobacco so no tar, ash, odor or carcinogens. How are we so sure there's no carcinogens? We randomly test our products regularly using a 3rd party laboratory to ensure the highest quality control in this industry. No rogue ingredients will ever make its way into our product.

So how does it work? Part of Eluma is a battery that requires charging. It's screwed into the charger that comes with your kit. Once charged, Eluma will last you for hours of vaporizing pleasure. The other part is the Eluma Cartomizer or atomized cartridge which holds the liquid. Eluma Cartomizers are designed to hold the most liquid possible to ensure long lasting use without the need to frequently change. A single Eluma Cartomizer will last the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. That's 20 cigarettes!!!! When the Cartomizer is empty, little or no vapor will be produced. Simply unscrew the old Cartomizer and replace with a new one. Eluma Cartomizers are designed to be hassle free. 

Check out Katherine Heigl and David Lettermen puffing and discussing an electronic cigarette(a.k.a. Eluma) on the Late Show recently.


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