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The testimonials you see below have been copied verbatim from actual emails received from REAL customers! Feel free to send your testimonial to and maybe we'll post it!

Barbara from South Daytona, FL
I love your product!

Donald from Merrill, WI
I have comparec 2 other e-cigs. eluma to me is best.

Elizabeth from Delafield, WI
I usually do not comment on anything but with your product I do not smoke anymore. I was a dye-hard smoker with every intention to go to my grave with a cigarette in my hand. I have smoked since I was 13yrs. old. When I received my first shipment from you I started to use it and I haven't had a cigarette since. I am 66yrs old now and I started using you product mid Sept. Thank You SOOOOO much.

Sergio from Stuart, FL
I just got my eLuma today and haven't touched a cigarette yet. I actually can't even think of smoking a real cigarette now that I tried this. Not to mention the cost. I live in Florida and my smoking was costing me upwards of $300 a month. I can see eLuma saving me 2/3 of that. Your catridges are very unique and tidy as well. It sure beats messing around with all kinds of juice mixtures. ugh! Thank you very much.
The new filters with the built in atomizer are a great improvement. I have tried several other brand E-cigs and yours is the best menthol flavor.

Kathy from Garland, TX
Thank you for such fast order processing...there really is no need to have retail locations. Eluma has been a true life saver for me. Thank you from a forever customer Kathy

Mary Sue from Dewey, AZ
Thank-You for ur Great service. Keep up the good work:)

James from Citrus Heights, CA
I would like to tell you how impressed I am with your product. I only give testimonials to products I really believe in. Your electronic cigarette is GREAT. I had bought a couple disposables from gas stations when a friend told me about Elumacigs. I bought the Simple Starter kit. Elumacigs are much smoother and you have many more flavor options than the store brands. I was so sad when I lost my Elumacig that I just ordered a complete starter kit. Keep up the good work.

Katie from Eastpointe, MI
I just wanted to say thankyou! Today it is my 1 year anniversary of not smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. I have had no urge to even have another cigarrette! I have had many friends purchase eluma because of my success and they love it too! I never thought that I could claim to be a non smoker after 25+ years of smoking! A regular cigarette was like my best friend when I smoked. When I first quit, I mourned the loss of my best friend for a week! That is until a new "friend" - my Eluma came into my life. Thankyou for helping me become a success story too!!!

Deborah from Pottsboro, TX
I just wanted to say thanks again. As of Nov.2nd I have been tobacco free for 8 weeks. Your product is a life saver.

Wife of Richard from LaVale, MD
I purchased this product for my husband, he had smoked for 50 years! He used this product and has been smoke free for 2 years. thank you eluma.

Scott from Caddo Mills, TX
I must say that I am really impressed with your product. I went from smoking almost a pack and a half of cigarettes to not smoking at all since using the Eluma electronic cigarette. Everyone around me has noticed my progress and this is actually my second purchase for a starter kit as a gift for someone that is wanting to quit smoking. I just wanted to take a second to express my deepest thanks, gratitude, and respect to the creator of this wonderful product, the Eluma electronic cigarette! 

Barbara Jean from Holly Hill, FL
After adjusting to the slightly different smoking technique, I am very happy with Eluma. I no longer smoke any "real' cigarettes, and my breathing is greatly improved. Thank you soooo much!

Sherri from Prague, OK
Hi, I am not sure who to address this to but I wanted to email and say thanks for the quick delivery. My husband and I have been smokers for many many years and tried everything out there. We finally decided that quitting wasn't an option for us. We received our order yesterday at 4 pm. I have since smoked only 3 "real" cigs and my husband about 4. I am so impressed with the product and proud of us for doing this. I am placing another order today for more cartridges. Can't run out of those for sure.

I also want to thank customer service for helping me after I placed my order. I changed it a few times on them via email and received exactly what I wanted. I really expected for something to be wrong only of my own fault for making so many changes but they got it exactly perfect. Thanks and can't wait to go totally eluma.


Barb from Grundy, VA
Just wanted to write and commend you on your excellent customer service.   I do appreciate the email updates about my order.


Paul from Staten Island, NY

Thank you Eluma and thank you to whoever invented this incredible device. Im a smoker for more than half my life and tried so many times to quit using several different methods but smoking had me in its grips no matter what i did. I finally found my cure for a terrible habit. Havent touched a cigarette in over 2 weeks. I am ever so grateful. You guys also make this easy with a simple website and enough options for Had a few co-workers already order and even am buying some for friends myself. Excellent...Keep it up.

Thanks a million.
Paul , Staten Island, NY

Debbie from Sacramento, CA.
I would like to compliment your company on the service I have received with two orders. I have received emails on each step of my order letting me know the status of my orders. I also would like to compliment your product, I am using a no nicotine cartridge and it fulfills my need for the inhalation of a cigarette when I am craving that drag. I have been able to quit smoking because of your product. I only have to use the eluma when that craving is to much to resist and the best part is I don't have to buy that pack of cigarettes to get the one cigarette. I know your product is not meant to help people quit smoking, but I would like you to know, that it has been a crucial role in my success of not smoking. I have recommended your product to everyone I know that smokes and wants to quit.

Thank you for the great product and great customer service.


Christine and Dennis from Huntington Beach, Ca
To Whom it May Concern,

My boyfriend and I heard about 'electric cigs' and thought we'd give it a try since nothing else worked and his new Pontiac Solstice was covered in ashes and stray butts. I looked at a few web sites but your site appeared to have the more 'sleek' looking cigs and the price was unbeatable. I am 34 and I have smoked for 18 years. My boyfriend is 40 and has smoked for 26 years. Using your product, we quit!

We live in Huntington Beach, Ca. and have been using our Eluma's all over town. I have been passing out about 5 business cards everyday. We drove to Phoenix this last weekend and I gave a card to my ex-mother-in-law and she has been smoking for 48 years, she said she's going to try Eluma.

We just wanted to thank you for producing such a quality product and making it so affordable. We were also kind of wondering about sales and if you market and sell Eluma anywhere besides the internet, because we would love to be area reps if you ever decide to do that.

We went to get his car a tune up last night and I passed out cards to all the mechanics at Jiffy Lube. They were 'wide-eyed' at the look and feel of Eluma.

Just wanted to thank you and let you know that we quit regular, dirty cigs.

Wholeheartedly, Christine and Dennis

Paul from Marshfield, WI
I received my Eluma a little over a week ago. I am amazed with the quality of both the service of the company and the product. I love the freedom and the cleanliness that Eluma provides. This has completely and easily replaced smoking and I am absolutely happy I made the right choice in becoming your customer. Eluma is all that your website indicated. I am completely satisfied and I just love this product. Thank you so much! Some of my friends are extremely interested as well as excited and will probably be making the switch soon. Sincerely Grateful, Paul

Frances from Belleville, MI
Wow what a fast response time
I am impressed and very excited about your product. I got the small starter kit from my daughter and ordered the larger one today and then the small one for my sister to try and my brother also started out with the small one and went to the larger so looks like our family will be good customers. Thanks for this product.

Joan from Helendale, CA
I just want you to know I am very happy with the eluma. Thank you very much. Good customer service along with a great product...goes a long way!!

Melanie from New Kensington, PA
I am in love with my eluma! The vapor is fabulous - I have not smoked a tobacco cigarette since I received it... and I can smoke at my desk, which is a huge plus for me. Why don't more people know about this?  

Deitra from Dayton, OH
This is my third type of e-cig. It is smartly made with the e-juice near the atomizer and not at the opposite end. Thank you for taking great care of my order. The vapor action is awsome. Deitra 

Lance from Amarillo, TX
Dear Eluma,

What a great product
Thanks so much.
Chris from Corona, NY
The Eluma arrived today safe and sound, just in time for the final dress rehearsal. It’s working perfectly and will be used in the show. I’m actually looking forward to fielding complaints from the audience about the smoking just to see the looks on their faces when they find out that it isn’t an actual cigarette!

Thank you very much for all of your help, I truly appreciate it.


Craig from Dolthan, AL
I would like to say that I've tried your product through a friend and WOW was I amazed.I have'nt recieved my Elumacig. yet but I can say just from the ease of ordering with you I'll be a long time customer.



Jason from Lakemoor, IL
Are you kidding? I cannot believe you called me right after I received my ELUMA to see if I needed any assistance setting it up? That's some awesome customer service. I will definately refer all my smoker friends.

Sam from Plainfield, IL
I got my ELUMA on Thursday and that was the very last day I smoked a cigarette. I've now been "Analog free for over 2 months. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Shirley from Florida
LOL, hey guys! I have so many good stories to tell but my favorite was when I was at the lounge the other day and I was vaping away on my ELUMA. The door guy came running up to me and said "YOU CANT SMOKE THAT IN HERE!!" I said "Smoke what? I'm vaping an ELUMACIG!" He was astonished at this simple little device. I gave him one of those info cards and WOW do those come in handy. Saves me a lot of time explaining it to everyone and getting kicked out of places too! THanks guys.keep up the good work.

Dan from Florida
You know I am thoroughly impressed with my ELUMACIG. I am a school teacher and until now I've had to go outside when the kids are at recess to sneak a cigarette. Now I still wait until recess but I can sit at my desk and use my ELUMA. I love the convenience. Gold star for ELUMACIGS!

Joslyn from Las Vegas, NV
One of the first reasons I decided to buy an ElumaCig was because of the cost savings. The truth is now I could care less if it costs the same. Why? How about because I haven't coughed or hacked in over a month! I have more energy now, I feel 100% better and I just went to the doctor for my annual checkup and I found out my cholesterol has dropped more than 30 points. Thank you thank you thank you. You gave me my health back.

Bob from Glen Ellyn, IL
I was a supreme skeptic when I first saw an ElumaCig. A friend of mine managed to get a sample model from one of your events in Chicago a couple months back. I couldn't believe that there was such a thing. I finally broke down and tried it. At first I didn't know what to think. I waited, took another puff and realized I felt just like I was smoking. I noticed how that smoke didn't give off that after taste or ash tray smell either. I eventually had to give it back after a little resistance. As soon as I got home I loaded up the site and ordered one. I am 100% satisfied, and I would challenge anyone that's a skeptic like I was to take the Eluma Challenge. They've got nothing to lose. Well I guess they do if they choose not to take the Eluma Challenge.Their life!